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Hiring the right people is a top priority for organizations. But rushing to fill an open role comes with big costs when the hiring teams get it wrong, especially for the individual. Hiring teams have a unique obligation when it comes to this process.

Here to discuss this with me today is Mike Fitzsimmons CEO and Founder of Crosschq

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00:00 Introduction
00:39 What are Hiring Teams?
01:49 How are People Selected for Hiring Teams?
03:13 What is a Bad Hire or a Bad Fit?
05:27 How does a Miss Hire Happen?
07:09 What Should the Candidate be Thinking about to Avoid a Miss?
10:28 Cost to Candidate with a Miss Hire
13:03 Breakout of the Hiring Dance
17:05 How can Crosschq Help the Hiring Team and the Candidate?
19:12 Positive Onboarding Process
21:47 Hiring Teams Moral Responsibility
23:59 Find Crosschq and Mike Fitzsimmons
24:28 Close

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